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School Visits & Contact Info

School, Library, and Book Club Presentations

Kat enjoys speaking about her books and writing process. She is comfortable doing presentations for groups of any size and she is willing to create a specific program to suit the needs of a conference, book club, or school. Her presentations are generally 45 minutes long, but can be tailored to fit the time available.

During her talk, Kat tries to get teen and tween readers excited about books and writing. She discusses how she comes up with story ideas and how much research goes into writing a science fiction novel. She also shares “behind the scenes” stories about her journey to publication.

Throughout the presentation, Kat shows projected images from her research that inspired and informed her middle-grade Dark Life series and her young adult Inhuman series, including deep-sea creatures, future technology, and cutting edge science (such as photos of glow-in-the-dark puppies.) These images always generate lots of questions from the students and keep the program lively and interactive. Afterwards, Kat is available for book signing and conversation.

Email her for information on honorarium fees at

AV Tech Needs: Kat has her powerpoint presentation on a flashdrive, and therefore will need a computer attached to a projector and a screen. She also hopes for a good microphone if she’s speaking to a large group.

Conferences & Book Festivals: Kat enjoys being on panels with other authors as well as giving solo presentations. She is also comfortable leading a workshop or breakout session on craft.

Skype visits: Are always free. Just send an email to with a proposed date and time. Put SKYPE REQUEST in the subject line.

Ordering Books: You can order her books from your nearby bookstore or schools and libraries can order Kat’s books at a discounted rate by visiting the Scholastic Teacher Store or by calling 1-800-SCHOLASTIC.

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